Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Germany: Syrian Terrorist commits suicide in prison.

(Leipzig) Syrian asylum seeker Jaber al-Bakrwas  who was arrested after planning a bomb attack on a Berlin airport has committed suicide in his prison cell in Leipzig, Germany.
Jaber al-Bakr
Yup it seems that al-Baker who fled death and destruction in his native Syria in which to find sanctuary inside Germany decided to repay his benefactors by planning to spread death and destruction to the Germans who opened their doors to him.

Well, after his little plan of action was exposed and he went underground in which to escape the hand of the law, he was caught and handed over to the police by 3 Syrian people who were grateful to get a second chance of a peaceful life.

Well, it seems that Al-Bakrwas became so distraught at being unable to murder so many people, he decided to kill himself. Now if only the rest of the ungrateful jihadists living in the west will follw suit.