Monday, October 3, 2016

UK: Muslim shop keeper who refused to serve customer with a guide dog fined £22,000 ($28,294)

(London) 11-year-old James McCafferty is autistic and is spooked by loud noises. In order to keep him safe, he is tethered to a service dog which is trained to sit down if he walks towards danger.

James McCafferty his labradoodle Kizzy, and his mother Katy
Last March, along with his mother he entered a shop owned by 56-year-old Dudu Miah in Tower Hamlets, East London, who on seeing the service dog, refused to serve them and went ballistic:
“Get out of my shop. No dogs in my shop.”
Mrs McCafferty, 45, told Mr Miah it was against the law to refuse to admit Kizzy as she was marked as a service dog. In reply he screamed:
“Shut up and get out of my shop”,
saying he did not care that he was breaking the law. As this is London and not Bangladesh where people with money are respected and get away with murder, dog hater Miah was reported to the authorities, and today he had his day in court.

Dudu Miah, 56
District Judge Christopher Vokeso ordered Miah to pay James £6,775 in compensation for his “serious act of discrimination” and court costs of £15,225.

Miah, who until recently had a ‘No dogs allowed‘ sticker in his shop window, said he was considering appealing the judgement.
“How can I pay £22,000? I am very upset with the court. It only heard one side of the story. I have done nothing wrong. I did not know it was a guide dog as it was not wearing a jacket. I welcome every customer and their guide dogs if they are wearing a uniform.”
I for once am chuffed to f-ck that somebody has taken a stance to the intolerance usually excused by a subscription to Islam in the UK.