Thursday, October 27, 2016

UK: Left wing lovie blames the Home Office for DELIBERATELY allowed 'propaganda' pictures of older-looking refugees to turn public against them

(London) I don't know what it is about people with a political left agenda and their stupid mind set. Take former pop star 'Lilly Allen'. The other week she cased an outrage in the Uk after the bBC filmed her apologising to a failed asylum seeker in France for what the UK had done to his country. It later transpired that this man child was trying to get to the UK in which to meet up with his father who left him and his family 14 years ago after the US kicked the Taliban out. Yes his old man is a Taiban terrorist who having won the right to asylum in the Uk due to the fears for his life from the people he oppressed, who funny enough goes back to Afghanistan on holidays , yet still cannot manage to find his family.

Faux tears
Anyway this stupid twat has now gone public on those pictures of so called Child migrants  who were allowed to enter the UK last week. (You know those children who all looked over 25) According to Allen, this was a propaganda scoop by the British government worthy of the Nazis in which to turn public opinion again these so called children.

I wonder if Allen would be happy for these so called children to be sat next to either of her two daughters at school. 

Of course she would.