Monday, October 17, 2016

Iraq: The Battle for Mosul (in pictures)

(Mosul) They say a picture says a thousand words here's a few thousand then:

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters load a multiple rocket launcher

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters fire a multiple rocket launcher from the top of Mount Zardak,

ancient Assyrian capital of Nineveh, across the Tigris from Mosul under fire

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters take up position on top of Mount Zardak, about 25 kilometres east of Mosul,

Iraqi forces are pictured cheering as they gather at Qayyarah military base, 

Iraqi forces begin the advance on Mosul

 Iraqi forces gather about 60 kilometres south of Mosul

Iraqi security forces stands guard during preparations to attack Mosul

A Iraqi convoy  leaving Kirkuk  for Mosul, 

A car bomb explosion to the  east of Mosul 

Kurdish Peshmerga 

Kurdish Peshmerga 

A member of the US-led coalition stands guard shortly before the start of the offensive

Kurdish Peshmerga forces  advance on Mosul

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters hold a position on the top of Mount Zardak

Iraqi forces advance towards Mosul