Thursday, October 6, 2016

Canadian Schools Struggling To Integrate Violent Syrian Migrants, Documents Show

This is what Liberals create.
(TheDC) Public schools in Calgary, Canada are struggling to integrate often-violent Syrian migrants into the education system, according to internal documents from the Calgary Board of Education.

Obtained by news outlet The Rebel in a freedom of information request, the documents reveal a clash of cultures taking place in the region’s schools between Syrian students and Canadian students and teachers.

The documents show a pattern of threats and physical violence directed at Canadian children by the Syrian migrants, who have struggled to accept Canadian values of tolerance, gender equality and religious pluralism. School officials have struggled to keep the Syrian students from punching, slapping and even throwing rocks at the other students.

Girls aren’t exempt from the physical abuse, either.

In one email, an elementary school teacher noted the “rough treatment” a first grade girl has received from some of the Syrian boys.

“We have basically decided to separate [the boys from the girls] because of our lack of success with mitigating the boys’ violent behavior,” the principal continued, before asking higher-ups for “some direction as to how I should proceed with this.”

In another email with the subject line “Comments of serious concern,” the principal noted that a first-grade Syrian boy, who — upon finding out his teacher was not a Muslim — said, “You guys don’t believe in God so it would be better to kill you.”

Similarly, a middle school principal wrote to the board, “Some of the boys in our Syrian student cohort are setting up conflict based on religious beliefs. I propose a system-created way of responding to this, and of teaching our cultural values. It’s very sensitive — we are un-teaching foundational beliefs.”