Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Norway: Muslim father rapes daughter because she had become too westernised

(Fredrikstad) A father in his 40s wasn’t happy with his daughter who he felt had become too westernised. And so, in which to teach her a lesson, he raped her. After he showed her the love that only an incestuous father can show, she ran screaming into the street where she was rescued by 2 postmen. Police were called and the dirty old man was arrested.

At the local cop shop the father couldn’t see what he had done wrong. He claimed that his DNA found on (and in) her body was simply down to close contact, and that this was simply a plot concocted by his daughter in which to discredit him, and that he is actually an innocent man.

He is currently locked up whilst the Norwegian police try to work out what to do with him. The victim meanwhile has been remanded to a psychiatric ward, as due to her ordeal at the hands of the person she should trust the most and who should be there to defend her, she had become suicidal.

All the Norwegian police are revealing about this case is that the father and daughter have non-Western backgrounds.