Friday, October 14, 2016

UK: Mohammed jailed for running over 2 pedestrians

(Scunthorpe) 30 year old Mohammad Abdullah has been jailed for 6 years after 2 men had the affront to walk across the road late at night in front of his speeding car.

 Mohammad Abdullah
After swerving at the last minute. He stopped his car in which to lecture the 2 about offending his honour. They naturally having been almost run down gave Mohammed a piece of their mind. In reply he reversed his car and run both over and then drove off leaving both his victims with catastrophic injuries 

Unfortunately for Mohammed his evil act as caught on camera and which is why he was brought to justice.

In court Mohammed wept the tears of a crocodile as sentence was passed, isn’t it amazing how pathetic these thugs becomes once they realise they are going to get raped inside the prison shower.