Saturday, October 8, 2016

Germany: Town on lockdown in search for Syrian behind bomb threat

(Chemnitz) German police have placed an entire town on lockdown as they search for 22-year-old Syrian Jaber Albakr (from Damascus) who has been suspected by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency of preparing to carry out an imminent terrorist attack on an undisclosed airport.

Scores of armed officers have evacuated residents and cordoned off large areas of the Fritz Heckert district of the town. Police have carried out a controlled explosion  on Albakr's flat. But he remains free. Saxony Police have said:
"We are carrying out a large operation in Chemnitz following suspicion of preparations for a bomb attack...a person of interest could not be found."
Videos and photos of Albakr have been circulated by the German police, in an attempt to hunt him down quicker.

Jaber Albakr
The Fritz Heckert district, known locally as Fritz-Heckert-Gebiet, was built as one of the largest housing developments in Communist East Germany, consisting of large tower blocks once housing 90,000 people.


German police are reporting the arrest of 2 people at the main train station and that passengers are having their luggage searched,