Tuesday, October 11, 2016

UK: Creepy clown armed with baseball bat picks on wrong person to scare

(Chatham) Currently in the UK, there is this weird craze (imported from the US) where idiots dress up as clowns and go out of their way in which to scare people. So we had incidents of pricks dressed as clowns armed with knives, axes and in this case a baseball bat jumping out on unsuspecting people for a laugh.

Well, for clown-aced dickhead, 23-year-old Ashley Symes, he picked on the wrong bloke, who on being met by a clown armed with a baseball bat in a covered carpark, instead of shitting himself and running away, simply waded in and headbutted the stupid twat.

As this is the UK, expect plod to arrest and charge the young man who headbutted dicksplash.