Friday, October 28, 2016

UK: Xenophobic prick attacks Spanish man for speaking .....Spanish.

(UK) There are some f-ing idiots out there and in the UK we have more than our fair share. However what I simply cannot understand is why the courts don't do more in which to send the message to these idiots, that violent behaviour will not be tolerated.

Take for example 37 year old Daniel Way of Poole Dorset. In May of this year, he took exception to how 27 year old Spaniard Thomas Gil was speaking to his Spanish Girl friend. This offended him so much he walked past them ripped a panel off a fence and whacked Thomas in the face with it whilst screaming:
 "Speak Fu*king English"
Thankfully the people who rushed to Mr Gils aid didn't subscribe to Mr Ways bigotry and held him down until the old bill arrived.  As usual the courts listened to Ways excuses of being a victim: 
  • He had just finished with his girlfriend
  • This led him to drink
  • He had recently being diagnosed with ADHD
  • Is remorseful 
Because of all of the above petty excuses Way received a 12 month (suspended for 15 months) prison sentence.(In otherwords free to walk the streets for 15 months and then he gets a clean slate) a fine of £800 and 25 days of rehabilitation work. How about we make him pay for a 12 months prison stay in a Spanish prison in which to show him the error of his ways, Put it this way he'll soon learn how to understand the following in Spanish and will never feel the need to demand others speak..."English"
"Pick up the soap, big boy"