Tuesday, January 17, 2017

US: Stupid thuggish Police arrest black man for stealing his own car.

(Evanston) You know what, I have no time for Black Lives Matters, I have no time for Al Sharpton or any of the other racial pressure groups which exist. But at the end of the day they exist because of a belief that life is somewhat unfair to blacks. Now the reason I can say this, is as a child of around 14 I was beaten up by a racist British Policeman for the crime of walking home. Unfortunately for him, he was spotted doing so and faster than a Muslim terrorist can utter 'Allah ackba' this wanker was in his Police van doing 90 down the road in which to escape justice, Due to that beating I was made to take up Ju-Jitsu and only 2 years later I was representing the UK, nobody has ever laid a finger on me again.

Last week the city of Evanston police were forced to release a video of an arrest they made of Lawrence Crosby a Black man in Oct 2015 who was suspected of stealing a car. (a woman had seen him working on his car and presumed he was stealing it) After he was taken down by 6 white policemen, and then when it came out in the wash the car was actually his, the keystone cops arrested and charged him for  ....disobeying officers and resisting police. Unfortunately for the thuggish police, their own vehicle recording systems  told a different story and the victim (which he was) was released. However the Police won't apologise, that the use of force by police was justified with the officers involved in the incident not being reprimanded,. 

Due to their stubbornness, and their inability to apologise. The City of Evanston is now facing a lawsuit, which they are going to lose big time. But worst of all, a large number of Black youths are going to see this video and the resulting police whitewash and say, there is no point in going quietly. More people are going to die , of which some will be policemen and women, simply because black people will feel there is no point in respecting the law.