Tuesday, January 31, 2017

US: Muslim activist baits man in a coffee shop and she's the f-ing victim when he answers back.

(Atlanta) The other day in a coffee shop in Alanta Asma Elhuni, 39 an American citizen and legislative intern for State Representative Brenda Lopez (Aka Political activist)

Power to the people as long as they are not white.
decided to question Rob Koehler who she presumed had taken her picture. Here’s the video:

“I’d like to know why you’re coming in here and taking a picture of me,” 
         Rob Koehler:
 'I see this guy sitting here looks like he's the DJ, and I thought it was a really chill place, so being from Detroit I took a shot of the coffee shop and that guy sitting there, who's obviously not the DJ, and we were going to have a laugh.
 'I was going to share that on Facebook. And then you started acting like a bitch.'
Elhuni films the incident and posts it on line playing the poor little Muslim girl attacked for covering up. As you can guess this man  has now become the victim with idiots threatening him, his work, well you know the score. Later Rob Koehler posted the picture he took onto facebook and as you can see Political activist Asma Elhuni isn't in it.

Now I said that Elhuni is a political activist, here are a number of tweets which I have turned into Jpegs (I find when I post incriminating evidence , the people behind them delete them) which illuminates the polarised agenda of these hateful so called innocents who try to pass themselves off as only victims:
ISNA53 = Islamic society of North America

Black Santa because she tired of the white monopoly?

Reason for the ban

Omar Mateen was not only a gay man he was most definitely a Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS

After looking at all these twitter posts of Elhuni, anybody else get the impression she love to play the victim game?