Tuesday, January 17, 2017

UK: The Idiots who run the Church of England are a bloody embarrassment.

(London)  In the Uk the Church of England is the official religion. However for a lot of people they only enter a church/Chapel when somebody is born,somebody gets married or when somebody dies. Now I'm CoE and whilst not overtly religious, I have no problem with remembrance Sundays, singing carols at Christmas or even going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve (where I come from, the pubs empty and everybody  pops down to Staincliffe church before heading off to a party)

Yet the official UK church is facing a problem of falling numbers of worshippers and whilst the British have never really been that religious , that fall can only have been accelerated by the Church hierarchy who appear to have lost the bloody plot.

So just what am I on about? Just these past few days we have had one of the  Scottish versions of the Church of England allow a Muslim to take the pulpit and proclaim that Jesus is not the son of god. Instead of questioning this woman why she went off script, the Church have related that what she had to say was a wonderful thing and the real bigots are those Christians who have complained about this Muslim woman. Can you imagine the outcry if a Priest condemned the bloody thirsty nature of Mohammed? 

Now the Church of England is demanding that its followers repent for the reformation which caused the birth of the protestant Church which came about due to the open corruption in the Catholic church. In otherwords its own birth.

The above transpired these past few days they are plenty more idiotic statements from the so called shepherds of the Christian faith who are meant to look out after their flock. Nowadays it appears they are too busy selling off their flock on the black market in which to make a quick buck.

And then they wonder why people are turning away from the Church.