Sunday, January 8, 2017

UK: Child sexual exploitation report finds Muslims make up nearly 50% of offenders

(Bradford) A report in the UK has collated all the information from cases of ten to 18-year-olds that have been referred to the city of Bradford’s Child Sexual Exploitation Hub. Where they have broken down cases referred to the hub during the 2015/16 financial year into the geographic location, age and ethnic background of alleged offenders and potential victims.

They found that that more than three-quarters of alleged perpetrators were aged under 35, with 32 per cent aged 18 to 25, and 15 per cent under 18. Just 11 per cent involved people aged 46 or older.

Almost half of them (48 per cent) were Asian, (in the UK, Asian is the politically correct term used to describe Muslims of Pakistani heritage) more than a third (36 per cent) were white, four per cent were black and 12 per cent were classed as ‘unknown’.

Of the victims two-thirds of the children involved in open cases were white, 12 per cent were Asian, eight per cent were mixed heritage, one per cent were black, and 13 per cent were either classed as ‘other’ or ‘unknown’.

Bradford East was the constituency with the highest number of open child sexual exploitation (CSE) cases across the district, with a quarter of cases at that point involving a potential victim from Bradford East. (Consists of the wards of Bolton and Undercliffe, Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor, Eccleshill, Idle and Thackley and Little Horton) which as the charts below from 2011 show have above average high Islamic populations (go to page 74).

The independent CSE Hub is made up of agencies including Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Police, the NHS and local schools. Now before some ethical latte drinker throws the 'Islamophobic card' I come from an Islamic family and my town (Not Bradford) can be found above.