Tuesday, January 3, 2017

France: 650 cars set alight in which to see in the New Year

(Paris) Unable to celebrate the coming of the New Year like civilized people do, those people who love to play the victim card decided, in what has now become a common occurrence in France, to set fire to other people's cars simply because they can. Bruno Le Roux, the French Interior Minister, reported that 650 cars were set alight on New Year's Eve, that 454 people were arrested and that whilst the total was almost 50 incidents higher than last year (602 cars), that actually the overall trend, if plotted over the past 5 years, is downwards.

Critics were quick to criticise the Government for only counting vehicles which had been torched and not all the vehicles - catching fire from others - destroyed by fire. Once that figure is added in, the total comes in at 945 cars destroyed and a 17% increase for the year.