Monday, January 16, 2017

Swedish news.

(Malmo)  2 men (out of 7) have been jailed for 4 years over the kidnap and rape of a 23 year old girl. Last March a young 23 year old Swedish woman was forced into a car by 4 men at gunpoint  in the City of Malmo. She was driven  40 Miles to Helsingborg, taken to a pre-prepared room in the cellar of a Shisha-coffee shop  where several men were waiting. There she was orally, vaginally and anally gang raped by several men. Police only found evidence to implicate 2 of the men  (28-year-old Kuwaiti Khaled Azez Hegrs and 23-year-old Syrian Tareq Bakkar) resulting in the other 5 walking free.

(Malmo) 16 year old Iraqi  refugee Ahmed Obaid was shot dead outside a bus stop in the Rosengård district of Malmo.  Police are unaware of why Ahmed was shot several times, but whilst they (And family) are stating that he had no criminal record, one Swedish newspaper has found evidence they he did have a criminal past.

(Örebro) Plans to segregate teenagers into gender based classes at a Swedish school have been shelved after a huge public outcry.  When children returned to school after the Christmas holidays at  Adolfsberg school  Orebro, they were shocked to find that they had been split into male and female classes.  Initially the school claimed it was only for a 6 week trial period. Yet in a country renowned for its sexual equality, this retrograde step is somewhat confusing, which kind of explains the backlash and why the school has now dropped its plans for separating teenage girls and boys. Funny enough the town has a 16% immigrant (read that as mainly refugee) population, who do subscribe to…segregation of the sexes.

(Stockholm) Swedish crime statistics have been released for 2016 and they show increases in every field going bar drug crime and theft. Rapes in 2016 showed a 13% increase (6,560), with the media reporting this as a drop when compared with 2014 figures (6700). 10,500 incidents of sexual molestation were reported in the country in 2016 – a striking increase of 20 percent on 2015 (when 8,840 were reported).