Monday, January 16, 2017

Germany: Fire Bombing a synagogue not anti-Semitic

(Wuppertal) How many times have you heard of an incident involving a Muslim been deemed : 'Hate crime, Racist or even....'Islamophobic'  Why only the other day we were all regaled to the story about how a  Muslim woman was attacked in a racist incident in London in the media only to find hidden right at the end of the article (which some papers kind of left out) this  salient snippet:

The suspect is described as a male of Arab appearance, aged in his 30s, about 5ft9ins, with facial hair and a non-British accent. He was wearing a green hooded jacket.

The left, the ethical latte drinkers and of course Islamic pressure groups are constantly banging their empty tin drums about how 'Muslims' are under attack in the West, how they are the new jews and that blaming Muslims living in the west for the actions of Islamic terrorists around the world is simply (and correctly) wrong. Yet for all that, when it comes to the Jews , that liberal mindset goes out of the Window. 

Last week a court in the city of Wuppertal Germany ruled that the 2014 firebombing by 3 Palestinians living in Germany of a synagogue in 2014 was an act of criminal arson, and not anti-Semitic, because they wanted to call attention to the Gaza conflict. 

At a  stroke the Germans have stated that it is ok to violently attack Jews if you wish to protest against Israel, yet publicly question on social media if the men who raped so many women last New years day across Germany were Islamic, then the Police will knock on your door and arrest you. And the idiots still bitch about that so called 'Jewish' lobby which controls anything and everything,