Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Swedish News 19/01/2017

(Gothenburg) One of Sweden’s largest shopping centres The Nordstan mall in Gothenburg has become a huge no go area for shoppers due to the rise in criminal activity. Shoppers and shop keepers have been violently robbed. With even the Police been intimidated by gangs numbering up to 150. Drug dealing is common and when the young thugs are caught and arrested they are simply handed over to social services. I’ll let you guess just who these people are.

(Malmo)  The nationalistic Swedish democrats (The third largest political party in the country) have demanded that Swedish troops be deployed onto the streets of Malmo to help the Police deal with the rise in violence in the city (which they claim is down to immigration) which they claim has led to the city becoming a No-Go zone.

(Sweden) 8 cars were set on fire Wednesday night in the city of Gothenburg whilst in the city of Malmo 3 cars were set alight.