Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sweden: Fireworks aimed at crowds during New Year celebrations

(Malmö) It appears that a lot of the recent newcomers to Sweden decided to celebrate the New Year exactly like they did last year, by turning Möllevångstorget square - Möllevången, also called Möllan, is a culturally and ethnically diverse neighbourhood of Malmö - into the intolerant places they left behind. This they achieved by aiming and setting off industry standard fireworks into the crowds when the clocks turned 12.

Swedish Police tried to downplay the above by saying that Möllevångstorget square had of late become known as something of a battleground during New Year Celebrations, and that across Western Sweden alone over 50 incidents were reported of fireworks being thrown at police. The worse incident saw a hand grenade thrown at a police station in the urban area of Katrineholm. Police in Malmö also shot a man who tried to attack them with an axe.

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