Sunday, January 1, 2017

Turkey: Terrorist attack on nightclub sees 39 murdered

(Istanbul) Well, it appears that with heightened security across the Western world, Islamic jihadists decided to remain closer to home in which to see the New Year in and this they accomplished by launching a gun attack on a Turkish nightclub (The Reina) which saw 39 people murdered in cold blood and another 69 injured.

At around 0130hrs local time (+3hours GMT) a lone gunman shot the two men standing guard outside the popular nightclub and then proceeded to enter the club and murdered as many people as he could. The venue which is popular primarily due to its spectacular waterside location was packed to the gills with revellers whose only crime was to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

It will come as no surprise to hear, that it has been reported that the gunman just happened to scream out 'Alah Ackba' as he carried out his evil deed. It has also been reported that when it came to reloading his weapon, the gunman popped smoke (set off a smoke grenade) in which to mask his position. Many of the people inside the club jumped into the Bosphorus in which to escape the gunfire.

Turkish special forces have stormed the building, but the location of the gunman is unknown. A media blackout has been imposed by the Turkish government.

Ironically, the alert state had been increased in Turkey, with over 17,000 police on duty in Istanbul alone. Unfortunately the trigger happy idiots out there can pick and choose the place of their attack.