Saturday, January 7, 2017

Holland: Dutch Army Picks Israeli Iron Fist Active Protection System

(The Hague) The Dutch Armed Forces have placed an order with BAE Sweden to supply them with  the Israeli Active Protection System – Iron Fist, in which to equip their CV9035 family.

This purchase will make Holland the first NATO country to possess a hard-kill system with a modular design that enables it to be adapted to light and heavy combat vehicles. The Iron Fist is equipped with sophisticated sensors that enable it to detect, intercept and destabilize missiles and other threats — without detonating their warheads.

The irony here is that both Sweden (the makers of the CV90) and Holland, whilst being very vocal in attacking Israel, have turned to the country they have no problem attacking, in which to defend their military from the very people they berate Israel from defending itself from.

If you wish to read up a little more on Active Protection Systems, Antworten at Below the Turret Ring has knocked out the best article I have found on the world's APS systems where he shines a light on American, French, German, Israeli, Italian, Korean, Russian, Swedish and Ukrainian Systems.