Friday, January 20, 2017

Austria: Muslim girl charged for lying over a so called 'Islamophobia' attack

(Vienna) A 14-year-old Muslim girl claimed on social media that she had been attacked at a train station and thrown onto the tracks in front of an incoming train this Monday for wearing the Islamic headscarf. She claimed she was only saved when a man pulled her up in the nick of time. She also claimed she was taken to hospital for a sprained ankle and that her Turkish parents filed a criminal assault claim.

Police who investigated this nasty hate crime spent hours looking at video surveillance tapes and found out that the girl only named as Sinem was lying out of her arse and that both her and her so called racist assailant are both seen on the video getting on the train with no problem between the two of them. The sprained ankle was from a fall a fortnight ago.

Anybody else notice how this false reporting of a so called hate crime is becoming somewhat ever so common of late?