Thursday, January 12, 2017


(Iraq)  My previous post was regards the latest gains by the Iraqi security forces (ISF) inside Mosul. However now that the fighting has moved from the outskirts into the city proper. ISIS will (and is) try to use the urban environment to inflict as much damage onto the attacking forces. One such tool is the Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VIED) or more commonly known as the suicide vehicle bomb. In fact during it expansion ISIS used VIEDs to very great effect and it definitely helped them defeat the much bigger and better armed Iraqi army.  Anway ISIS are on the backfoot and they really need to do something in which to try and slow down or even stop the onslaught against them. Hence their use of VIED. Bellingcat has taken the time to collate and log as many of these attacks as possible, .

Not only that, but he has sought out the idiots driving these VIEDs and in many cases sourced the video. Which has revealed that ISIS have started to leave so called sleeper cells inside buildings and when the troops pass by they then pop out and detonate themselves.