Tuesday, January 24, 2017

UK: Muslim Father demands Catholic school allows his 4 year to wear the Hijab.

(Birmingham)  The usual suspects are up in arms over how a Muslim father who enrolled his 4 year old daughter at a Catholic church school has been banned from covering up his 4 year old daughter in which to prevent males from becoming all lustful at seeing her in the playground.

It seems that when the father was informed that covering his daughter up at St Clares one of the only Catholic primary schools  (Primary usually teach between 7 to 11 year old children in the UK, but some take 3-7 year olds  known as early year foundation (Used to be called infants)). in the area , he took to social media in which to lambaste the so called racist uniform policy of the school. As mentioned above the usual suspects have come out in droves in which to support this man and his need to cover up children which actually isn't directed by the Koran at all.  People such as bigamist and anti semitic Muslim Labour councillor Waseem Zaffar who funny enough works for Birmingham council.in charge of transparency, openness and equalities. well he was so outraged he took to facebook in which to express his displeasure that Allahs will, equal rights wasn't been respected at this school.
Funny enough when it was pointed out that numerous Islamic schools in the very same area insist on little girls covering up,
 Abu Bakr Girls School
Al-Huda Girls' School

and that covering up isn't a religious requirement the above post was deleted.

Which begs me to ask the question, what would the answer be from the likes of the bBC and male Islamic Equality councillors  if a Christian parent who enrolled their daughter at an Islamic school refused to allow their child to cover up. You only have to look at Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to see where that line of freedom of expression would go. Oh look there's that bloody 'H' word again.