Thursday, January 5, 2017

Turkey:Car bomb kills two outside courthouse in Turkish city of İzmir

(Izmir) A police officer and a court worker were killed in the city of Izmir when police officers tried to stop a vehicle at a checkpoint outside a courthouse and that the attackers detonated the car bomb while trying to escape. Arms including Kalashnikov rifles, hand grenades and ammunition for rocket-propelled grenade launchers were found at the scene

Police shot dead two attackers and are currently searching for a third.

The bombing comes less than a week after a gunman shot dead 39 people at a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year's Day in an attack claimed by Islamic State. The gunman is still at large. There has so far been no claim of responsibility  however Izmir governor Erol Ayyildiz has stated that initial evidence suggested the PKK – A Kurdish group which has fought a deadly insurgency for over three decades -- was behind the attack, rather than ISIS.