Saturday, January 28, 2017

Holland: International court apologies to police over intern’s fake racism arrest claim

(Den Haag) On Wednesday 30 year old Chaka Laguerre a former Miss Jamaica from the US  on a 10-month clerkship at the UN’s International Court claimed she was a victim of “racially motivated police brutality” when she was arrested for a traffic offence.

Ms Laguerre claimed on Facebook, that she was stopped by police, “roughed up” and arrested for being unable to provide ID after walking her bike across the street on a red light.
"I survived 30 years in America – never had an altercation with the police, never been arrested, never even gotten a ticket – and came to The Hague, the ‘City of Justice,’ where I was brutalised by two male police officers, as a lawyer working at the International Court of Justice," Ms Laguerre said. "This will continue to be the experience of people of color in The Hague – unless we speak out.”
Unfortunately for Miss Laguerre, not only were the Dutch police having of this police racism crap:
Police chief Paul van Musscher stated:
‘If we make mistakes, we take responsibility but if we are wrongly accused then we act. We will not accept this,’
The whole incident was caught on camera and it showed the two police officers remained calm and controlled and they only intervened when Laguerre walked off after failing to produce ID. Based on this video evidence The International Court of Justice in The Hague has apologised to the city’s police force and for some reason, the post by Laguerre has now been removed.