Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gaza News

An 18-year-old Palestinian girl was injured by live fire from an unidentified source in eastern Khan Younis on Thursday morning. She was taken to the European Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip with a bullet in the chest. There the girl underwent surgery and she remains in a critical condition.

A Palestinian youth set himself on fire on Monday in the central Gaza Strip refugee camp of al-Bureij for unknown reasons. The youth, identified as Islam al-Maqusi, poured petrol over himself and set himself on fire in front of a local association for the disabled. Al-Maqusi was then taken to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, where he was treated for burn injuries which were described as moderate.

Two explosive devices blew up in the Gaza Strip between Wednesday and Thursday, with one of them targeting a Fatah official in the Palestinian enclave. Thugs threw a stun grenade in front of the home of the Fatah party’s secretary-general in eastern Gaza, Nayif Khweiter, in the al-Shujaaiya neighbourhood of Gaza City late Wednesday.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) organized a protest on Monday evening demanding a solution “once and for all” to the Gaza electricity crisis, as Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) exchanged more barbs blaming one another for the severe power shortages in the blockaded coastal enclave. The majority of the Gaza Strip received only three hours of power a day in between 12-hour blackouts for more than a week earlier this month, with recent Qatari aid helping to bring back the Palestinian territory to its usual schedule of eight hours of electricity followed by eight hours without. The irony here is the largest provider of electricity to Gaza is... Israel. So much for the nasty Jew.