Friday, January 13, 2017

UK: Afghan thugs + PC Police = A right debacle

(UKFor years the Do-gooders of his world (but looking at the UK) have demanded we dilute the standards for everything in which to fit their everybody is equal agenda. So we had the New York fire-fighter who failed her test allowed to join simple because she is a woman.

How about how the Equality and Human Rights Commission in the Uk demanded that disabled people be allowed to join the armed forces, because it was discriminatory. There's plenty more and it doesn't just involve women, however in each and every case, the ethical latte crowd demand we lower the standard set years ago, where that person will face danger and peoples lives will depend on him/her.

And so it is with the police, years ago you had to be over 6 foot simply so you presented a commanding presence. Which as a Copper you have to be. But then the PC crowd stuck their oar in and they let anybody in, why in London they fast tracked a load of minorities simply because they were lacking at the top of the food chain and guess what, we see them jailed for some crime or another, whilst they still played the victim card.Which brings me to Afghan-born Jamshid Piruz, 35 who in 2006 after becoming a Dutch citizen decided to murder his female tenant the very next year. For this crime he was jailed for 12 years. He was released in 2014  and then in January 2015 decided to pop across the water to visit family. However on his way back to Holland in Jan 2016, he missed his flight back and expressed his anger by spitting at the airport staff . After appearing in court and being ordered to pay compensation, he took to crime 3 days after his day in court, police were called by a member of the public when they saw somebody (Piruz) trying to break into somebody's house.  4 police officers were sent to investigate, 2 armed with tazers ,1 police woman holding a dog. (can somebody please explain why one of the policemen walks in front of a loaded weapon thus blocking the shot?) and 1 other.

Now I'm not disparaging the Police who do a fantastic job in the UK, but on watching how the male police initially reacted when Piruz comes out of hiding swinging claw hammers (Yes I know he's swinging hammers) But to leave their female companion behind and as much as an animal lover I am, why didn't she let loose the dog? and the result 2 officers injured by receiving blows from a claw hammer. Here is the actual video of this thug getting arrested.

In court Piruz ,sobbed in the dock, and claimed he was remorseful for his actions with his lawyer saying:
 'He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after he witnessed the murder of his parents by the Taliban when he was 11 years old and subsequent experiences living in Kabul during the war.”

Really, he’s nothing but a f-ing violent thug who on getting caught plays the victim. If I had my way, I’d tie him up in a room and allow his victims to walk in with baseball bats. He was jailed for a minimum of 6 years.

That people is what happens when you lower the standards. Ironically the do-gooders want to ban the Tazer as they deem it dangerous. you know what, I agree, they are dangerous, to the person using it, get rid of them and issue 9 mm pistols in which to offset the politically corrected officers we now allow in.. The day of the unarmed policeman in the Uk is well past its sell by date.