Wednesday, January 4, 2017

France: 4 British football fans found guilty of racism.

(Paris) In February 2015 , Chelsea football team played Paris Saint-Germain . Before the match kicked off hoards of Chelsea fans made their way to  Parc des Princes stadium to watch the match . One such route (the main one actually) entailed travelling on the Paris Metro. which is where everything starts. When British football fans get together on mass, they become loud, they become belligerent and in the past they used to become very violent. So when the tube stopped at Richelieu–Drouot station a Frenchman  Souleymane Sylla (who just happened to be black) tried to board the carriage. The idiots on board were having none of this and repeatedly refuse Mr Sylla access and then they started singing "we are racist, we are racist" Thankfully Mr Sylla wasn't physically attacked and even better another English Fan recorded the incident. Here's the film clip.

Today in Paris, these 4 idiots had their day in court, whilst they all professed their innocence and that actually they weren't racist. 22 year old Joshua Parsons,,25 year old James Fairbairn, 25, 37 year old William Simpson, and Richard Barklie, (a former police officer in Northern Ireland ) were found guilty and convicted of racist violence. All received suspended sentences, and told to pay Mr Sylla €10,000 (£8,500) in damages.

In the UK all 4 received football banning orders and on top of that Chelsea separately banned them for life from Stamford Bridge and from buying tickets. The irony here is whilst these racist thugs had no problem having a go at a bloke for being a different colour, their so called football team in 2015 looked like this:

Oh look there's that 'H' word.