Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ramadan Death count: Yemen 25/06/16

Clashes in several areas across Yemen on Friday killed 22 Houthi rebels and 11 members of pro-government forces:

 Fierce battles erupted in the northern Jawf province when Houthi rebels attacked loyalists in al-Motoon district, triggering a counter attack by government forces backed by warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition. The fighting left 13 rebels dead, while eight loyalists were killed by mistake in an air strike that missed its target.

Further south, three Houthi rebels were killed in clashes in Bayhan, Shabwa  province.
In the southwestern flashpoint city of Taiz, six rebels and three loyalists were killed in renewed fighting when insurgents attacked government troops on the southwestern outskirts of the city.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,397