Thursday, June 30, 2016

UK: Heard the one about the Asylum seeker who walked into a bookies?

(Sunderland) He threw a hot cup of coffee in the managers face. Algerian asylum seeker Nehar Belaid  walked into Coral bookmakers on High Street West on March 12, Sunderland  There he decided to help himself to a free cup of coffee that the manager poured for him. Then for some strange reason he decided to throw the contents of the cup into the female managers face. Arrested by the police soon after, in court with an interpreter in which to hide behind. Mr Beliad, stated that he never intended to throw the coffee in the woman’s face. For his crime, Beliad was given a suspended prison sentence.

No wonder so many asylum seekers want to come to the UK, they know they can do as they please and get away quote literally with murder.