Wednesday, June 22, 2016

UK: Muslim asylum seeker stabs doorman after refused entry to a bar

Shakawan Siddiqi wasn’t impressed when Ali Turkcelik the door man at Yia Mass bar in Bristol refused him entry, which is why he produced a blade and stuck it in Turkcelik's forearm.

In court Asylum seeker Siddiqi, of All Hallows Court in Bristol, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm in November last year.

What makes me laugh is how knifeman Siddiqi attended for sentence at Bristol Crown Court, aided by a Kurdish Sorani interpreter. Have you noticed how so many people who have lived here for years, require an interpreter when in the dock. The reason behind this , is the wide spread (And justified) belief that if you pretend you can’t speak the lingo, then you can’t know the rules and thus receive a lesser sentence.  Naturally as a follower of the religion of Peace, Siddiqi related to the judge (via his interpreter) of what a victim he is:
"Prior to the offence he was known to a GP and others dealing with vulnerable groups to be somebody suffering from depression.

"He was diagnosed with post- traumatic stress disorder caused by the trip that took him to this country by a lorry."

The court was also told that a report on Siddiqi established he had been self-harming, and he told police he carried a blade for that purpose.
Typical ungrateful asylum seeker, deport his arse back to Iraq and swap him for a genuine asylum seeker , unfortunately the do-gooders out there would call me a racist for thinking along them lines.