Friday, June 24, 2016

UK: Nadir Syed (23) jailed for planning ISIS-inspired beheading

(London) Nadir Syed, 23, was planning to kill a poppy-seller or police community support officer before he was arrested in November 2014.

He had sourced a kitchen knife after listening to a speech by the ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani which also urged extremists to target France.

Sentencing Syed, from Hounslow, at the Old Bailey on Thursday, Mr Justice Saunders said: “I am satisfied that Nadir Syed considered his beliefs not only entitled him but required him to go and kill someone on the streets of this country in revenge for events in Syria.”

Syed, who was wearing a purple T-shirt and brown Islamic skull cap, attempted in January 2014 to travel to Syria via Turkey to fight the forces of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. However, he failed to leave the UK after his passport application was turned down.

Saunders said he believed Syed’s failure to get to Syria partly inspired his decision to launch an attack in the UK. Saunders said he was satisfied that the intended attack was “imminent”.

Unemployed and social drop out Nadir Syed (23) needed something to inspire his worthless life and he found it in the teachings of radical jihadist Islam, however, as he left school with very little academically, he found his attempt to go and fight the holy fight in Syria for a paedophilic warlord in January 2014, failing at the first hurdle as he was refused by immigration to leave the country (only in the UK do they stop you leaving, hundreds of thousands can sneak in, by try to leave and they stop you - crazy). Angry at how his quest for jihad had been refused by the nasty British, he armed himself with a knife and set out on a mission with his two cousins to behead a poppy seller or a community policeman. Thankfully, the security services had been watching them and they were arrested, with Syed getting 5 years nick. Unfortunately, his two cousins have been acquitted.

Tonight, religious Islamic bigot Syed will find out the hard way that getting down on your knees, bending over and uttering ‘Allah Ackba’ does not only apply in praying to Mecca. Of the thug behind him, he will shout ‘House’ sometime later.