Friday, June 24, 2016

Muslim man who stabbed pregnant ex in Sutton Coldfield jailed for 18 years

(Birmingham) 41-year-old Babur Rajar was in a bind, his mother disproved of his white non-Muslim girlfriend who was pregnant with their child, so when his mother said choose me or the Kafir, he chose his sweet dear mother. But what could he do about his 40 year old partner whose only crime was to be white and a non-Muslim in which to regain his honour in the eyes of his dear old mother.

Which is why he armed himself with a knife in March of this year and on finding out where Natalie Queiroz would be at a certain time he proceeded to try to murder her in the middle of the day, in the middle of the town and he would have succeeded if not for a number of brave bystanders who risked everything in which to save this poor woman being murdered by the father of her unborn child.

In court Babur Rajar was given an 18 year prison sentence for not acting like a so called peaceful muslim. During the hearing the court heard how Raja said he was forced to decide between his mother and his partner as she disapproved of his relationship with a white non-Muslim woman. His younger brother married a Sikh and his mother had not spoken to him in years.

Ms Queiroz spent a fortnight in hospital and was left with 'suicidal thoughts'. She did not see her baby for five days. She has been referred to a trauma psychology department as a result of the attack. She said she used to be 'fearless' but her flashbacks had become clearer and more traumatic over the weeks. She said: “I now have to totally rebuild my life". She was unable to drive for 10 weeks.

Raja was jailed for 18 years for attempted murder, attempted child destruction and the wounding and assault of two passers by. The judge praised the heroes in Sutton Coldfield town centre who stepped in to help Ms Queiroz and her unborn child without a thought for their own safety.

Just what is it about Muslims and murdering innocent people for... honour?