Thursday, June 23, 2016

US: Muslim migrant boys rape and then urinate over their 5-year-old victim

(Twin Falls) 2 Muslim boys of Iraqi and Sudanese decent (aged between 10 and 14) are currently in custody in the US on charges of raping a 5-year-old girl and then urinating on her naked body.

Normal people are outraged, but it appears the liberal media are going well out of their way in which to try and make the people complaining as the real bigots.

The 89-year-old woman who caught these sexual deviants in the act relates how she came across this evil act:
"I just opened the door, and there they were. A little girl, with no clothes on and two little boys," Grandma Jo said. "I told those boys to get your clothes on right this minute, and if I were your mama, I would spank your little butts. And the little girl was saying, ‘Please grandma help me, please grandma help me,' so I went over there. When I got over to her and picked her up, I realized in her hair and all over her body and her clothes they had urinated all over them. It was terrible.”

The incident started when she noticed a young boy shooting photos outside of the apartment's laundry room. Concerned, Grandma Jo approached the boy.

She confronted the boy and asked a simple question. "I said, 'What are you doing?' He said, ‘Oh, nothing just taking pictures,’ And I said, ‘Of what?’ And he said, ‘Oh, nothing,’" Grandma Jo explained. But she said his response lead her to believe there was something more going on.

Jo walked into the laundry room and found the small girl, naked, pleading for help while two boys stood over her.

Grandma Jo made the boys stay in the laundry room until the police came and started asking questions.

“Pretty soon, the policeman said nicely, ‘You boys and girls can go over to your house now. It’s okay.’ And all I can think is, ‘It isn’t okay,’ I’m standing there thinking, 'this isn’t okay,'” Jo said.

Grandma Jo says that the little girl was taken to the hospital with her father. After arriving, she believes that the doctors told him that his daughter had been raped.