Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ramadan Death count: Syria 22/06/16

239 killed 20/6/2016, including 76 regime forces and allied militiamen
The dead : 28 civilians, 15 rebels, 13 Non-Syrian Islamic fighters,11 unknown rebels, 8 SDF, 60 Regular forces and Soqor al-Sahraa, 13 NDF, 21 IS, 3 non-Syrian militants allied to regime forces.
— A man was killed with his daughter by a Shell in Menbej city, and 7 civilians killed by targeting them by IS during attempts to escape al-bab city.
— 3 IS killed by a landmine in Menbej countryside
— 1 rebel was killed by clashes against IS, Aleppo countryside.
— 11 unknown rebels was killed by clashes and bombardment targeted their locations around Syria .
— 21 IS were killed by clashes and aerial bombardment targeted their locations.
— 8 SDF killed by clashes against IS around Menbej, in addition to 73 IS killed during the same clashes.
— 13 NDF were killed by Clashes, IEDs and targeting their vehicles.
– 20 regime forces forces were killed by clashes, snipers, IEDs, and attacks on their checkpoints and vehicles.
— 40 soldiers and militants in Soqor al-Sahraa were killed by clashes against IS in al-Raqqa countryside.
— 3 Non-Syrian militants allied to regime forces killed during clashes against rebels and Jabhat al-Nusra.
— 12 militants in IS and rebel factions were killed by bombardment and clashes around Syria.

The Islamic State launched a counter-offensive in Syria's Raqqa province on Monday, killing 40 government forces and expelling many others, ISIS retaliated to a government offensive that began on June 3 with the aim of recapturing the de-facto IS capital, Raqqa. Hundreds of reinforcements were sent to battle regime forces, resulting in the deaths of dozens of soldiers.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,231