Thursday, May 15, 2014

Video emerges of racist Turkish Prime Minster punching a man

(Turkey) You have to admit, it doesn't take long for so called liberal Islamic leaders to follow the path of their warlord founder and walk the path of intolerant behaviour. Since the so called peaceful Turkish liberal Justice and Development Party took power, they have steadily gravitated towards full blown bigot status. It has:

1) Limited the power of the judiciary
2) Reduced the rights of women
3) Reduced the rights of minorities
4) Reduced its political dealings with Israel/US and Europe
5) Until last year it build up its dealings with Syria... Big mistake.
6) Walked all over the Turkish people

As you can see, all of the above are what you would expect from a third rate tinpot Islamic dictatorship, but the left keeps on pushing the line that Turkey is a democratic state which all Islamic states should try to emulate. Funny enough, the very same champions of Turkey have remained somewhat silent on the list above, as they have regarding how an aide for the PM was caught on camera laying the boot into somebody.

Well, what do you know, not to be outdone, the Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been caught punching somebody, which is followed up by his goons kicking the shit out of the same person. It transpires that the Turkish PM decided to visit the town of Soma (the site of the recent mine disaster which has claimed the lives of hundreds of miners). However, on arriving he had to take shelter in a supermarket due to the unhealthy reception he received. Once in the supermarket, he punches somebody and then he is whisked away to find shelter elsewhere. Meanwhile, the victim of the holy (all Islamic leaders consider themselves holy) punch was set upon by the holy thugs in which to teach him a lesson. And the left (including Obama), want Turkey in the EU?

Click on the link in the top left corner to go to the Daily Telegraph where you will be able to see Slugger Erdogan acting like the thug he is. The video below shows the scene before they enter the supermarket, and while covering the incident, nothing much can be seen.

It now transpires that when Turkish thug Erdogan grabbed the young lad, he came out with this:
 "Why are you running away, you Israeli breeding," 
I suppose it's the Turkish version of a slight aimed at portraying somebody as a Jew. Humm, and the left keeps on telling me that more people should aspire be like the Turks.