Sunday, May 18, 2014

School bus in Israel firebombed by Arabs

(Hevron) A school trip for a bunch of  sixth-grade schoolgirls to the Cave of Machpela near Hevron turned into a horror trip when the bus was ambushed by a group of young lads who fire-bombed the it.

A parent on the bus said that the ambush had been well planned. She described moments of horror when the firebombs exploded, one after the other, on the bus's windows, east of the Halhoul bridge, as the bus made its way back from Hevron.
"This was a bat mitzva trip that had been approved by the Ministry of Education, which included a visit to Rachel's Tomb. The buses were bulletproofed and had an armed guard,”
Thankfully, as mentioned above, the bus was fortified and the driver, instead of stopping, put his foot down (as you are supposed to when ambushed).

But the thing that really caught my eye is: why are Israeli school buses bulletproofed, come with an armed guard, and why is nobody in the Western world noticing this?