Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Islamic terrorists who holed up in the Church of the Nativity ask Pope for help

(Gaza) In 2002, 47 armed terrorists cornered by the IDF sought shelter in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. After 39 days, they surrendered, but because the EU got itself involved, instead of standing in the dock in Israel for terrorism, these so called freedom fighters (who left over 40 IEDs behind in the church) were exiled, 13 to Spain and Italy, 26 to Gaza and 8 got buried. (The irony here is, just under a month before Ariel Sharon gave the Palestinians the option of facing trial in Israel or permanent exile, they refused.) Well, roll forward 12 years, and with the Pope visiting Israel, these 39 terrorists have written a letter to the Pope asking him to do something about their suffering:
"From those who are still suffering atrocities practised by Israeli occupation in an obvious breach to all heavenly laws mentioned in the Bible, Torah, and Quran.” Thirteen years have passed since we were deported from the Nativity Church after the Israeli occupiers occupied our city Bethlehem. We were besieged inside the church for 39 days. The Israeli did not show any respect to the sacredness of the place, but instead they shot dead civilians inside the Nativity Church, the birthplace of Jesus."
Suffering? 13 of these twats live in Europe. The other 26 walk free inside Gaza, you know, that so called city state which, while under siege, can import anything it wants, from military grade missiles to cars. The shops in Gaza are full and only the other day pilgrims ventured to Mecca and back, and these idiots ask the Pope to do something about their suffering. Yes, the so called Islamic warriors, who scream they are unafraid to die (are scared shitless of a hatless woman), who ruined the Church of the Nativity, and now blame the Jews for how they wreaked the Church, and left over 40 explosive charges in there (as well as their weapons), and instead of getting sent down and ensuring their families financial future (the families of jailed terrorists get paid very well indeed), they went walkabout. Oh dear, it appears 13 years of earache from the trouble and strife about their lazy husbands not going to jail and ensuring they live the life of Riley, must be really getting on their nerves.