Thursday, May 29, 2014

Iranian hackers targeted US, UK and Israel

(Tehran) US security firm iSight Partners, has uncovered an elaborate hacking plan by Iran which targeted military and political leaders in the US, UK, Israel, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These included a four-star US Navy Admiral, US lawmakers and ambassadors, members of the US-Israeli lobby.

In order to carry out their nefarious plan, the Iranians first befriended the friends of their targets on Facebook, thus making it easier to befriend them. Once in their grasp, they would send links to them to a news website they knocked out which would infect PCs with malware if clicked on, or direct their targets to websites which required them to enter network credentials, which the hackers could capture. In total the hackers' fake profiles befriended over 2,000 people on Facebook, with iSight estimating that the campaign targeted several hundred high-profile people.

But here's what's still suprising: the Facebook accounts of these people are still live, as is the fake news website (below):

Now, before anybody slates me for posting a screen dump of the dodgy site, it's simply so you know who these people are. And if I were you, I wouldn't link into them or even download their many apps.