Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The founding of a new Axis of Evil?

(Beijing) Russian President Vladimir Putin has on the last day of his visit to China walked away with a multi-billion dollar, 30-year gas deal with China. This deal will not only strengthen both nations, but will also ensure that if the EU decides to cut off its taste for Russian hydrocarbons (currently supplies 25% of the EU's gas and 28% of its heavy oils), Russia will still have money coming in.

Not only that but both Russia and China have declared territorial expansion claims which have upset the neighbours, and with the alignment of 2 such powerful countries who will most likely offer mutual support both off and on the political arena, the future doesn't look like the meek will inherit the earth.

The most surprising thing here is that while the ethical latte drinkers are more than happy to berate the US for anything and everything, closely followed by their hatred for the British and Jews, they remain surprisingly quiet regarding Russian bloody involvement in Chechnya, Georgia and the Ukraine and China's territorial claims to the entire South China sea.

And what better in which to start off a new friendship than in kicking off with a joint naval exercise off Shanghai?