Monday, May 26, 2014

Islamic bigots gun down a doctor because he didn't belong to their version of Islam

(Pakistan) I have to laugh when I hear Muslims state that:
1) Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world (thus promoting the view that millions are converting... yeah, right)
2) That Islam is magnanimous
3) That Islam is peaceful
4) That Islam respects all living things

Well, try telling that to the victims of peaceful Islam around the world. You know, like 50-year-old Canadian cardiologist Mehdi Ali Qamar who had returned to the land of his birth in which to help train local doctors at a heart clinic, who was gunned down in front of his wife and child after morning prayers on Monday.

Yup, a man who quite literally gave his life for his good intentions happened to have committed the crime of belonging to the Ahmadi Muslim sect, an Islamic minority outlawed in Pakistan, and so for his sins 2 religious idiots walked up to him and shot him dead, pumping over 11 rounds into him and then, in order to admit to murder, they posted a picture of the dead man on-line is which to shout out, "we did it". Yup, the same f-ing idiots who scream blue murder at a cartoon of the man who invented their gay death cult 1500 years think it's a religious duty to post a picture of a man they shot in cold blood.

Way to go, Sunni Muslims, murdering people who have done nothing wrong but given up everything in which to help their fellow man. In this case, you and your family. No wonder most Islamic countries are still in the Stone Age.