Monday, May 26, 2014

European voters express anger towards... the EU

(Strasbourg) So the people of Europe got the vote this week, and vote they did and, somewhat surprisingly, in the vast majority of countries which pay into the EU and get little back other than politically correct diktats they voted for extreme ends of the spectrum parties who are anti-EU. In the UK, the UK Independence Party was the star of the show, in France it was the Front National, in Denmark it was Danish People's Party.

Now, a lot of people voting against the jack booted views of the so called political elite in their ivory towers should be a wake up call to them. But no, the people who lost out, are still playing the racist bigot card.

In the UK, the Liberal Democrats, who have been virtually wiped off the map, are playing the victim card, demonizing anybody who supported UKIP, and are on record of saying that if they had their time again, they would do exactly the same.

The incumbent President of the EU Martin Schulz gave an interview expressing his disgust at how people could vote for anti-EU parties.
"All people looking to the results in France, this is a bad day for the European Union, when a party with a racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic programme gets 25% or 24% of the vote".
Maybe if the so called enlightened liberals who lost out at this election actually listened to the people for once, instead of telling us all they actually know best, then maybe these idiots may find a happy united Europe, instead of one very, very angry one.