Sunday, May 18, 2014

Is Iran paying Afghans to fight and die in Syria?

(Kabul) Allegations have been made that Iran has been paying Afghan refugees inside Iran to go and fight the good fight in Syria in which to help prop up the mad mullahs' puppet president Assad.

If they take the mullahs' shilling, the Afghan refugees are granted Iranian residency, $500 a month, school registration for their children and charity card.

Several Afghan refugees have reportedly been killed in Syria conflict, with reports of funeral for the Afghan recruits emerging in November last year. A video, which was circulated over the internet earlier last year, showed the dead bodies of several foreign fighters in Syria, including Afghan nationals. Syrian armed opposition forces claimed in the video that the dead bodies belong to Iran, however, an Afghan identity card could also be seen with one of the victim. The deceased has been recognized as Safar Mohammad who came from the northern Balkh province of Afghanistan.

By using Afghans, Iran saves itself any embarrassment in having any of its nationals paraded in public and thus opening up the regime to criticism. Not that that had bothered the mullahs before. However, this tactic appears to have backfired. The Afghan government has ordered an investigation into the above, with Afghan senate house speaker, Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, asking the Afghan government to seek clarification from Iran in this regard. Well, good luck with that then.