Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Obama's new friends make a new video: Persian film shows nuke war with Israel

Video titled ‘Point of No Return’ and peppered with Islamic themes shows Iran ‘emptying’ Haifa, Tel Aviv of population.
(Times of Israel) A Persian-language animated film shows an Iranian invasion of Tel Aviv, the word “Holocaust” being trampled, and a nuclear attack.

The film, called “The Rachel Corrie Message 2: The Point of No Return,” purports to show an Iranian reprisal for a failed Israeli nuclear attack on Iran.

The approximately four explosive-laden-minute long clip depicts Israelis surrendering en masse to invading Iranian troops and Israel’s airport being renamed as “Martyr Rachel Corrie Airport.” [...]

The movie opens with shots depicting Iranian fighter planes over Israeli cities.

A caption in Persian then reads, “Iran will act on its promises on the nuclear issue.”


Did you notice B-52s and B-2s, among other aircraft the that Iranian armada? LOL

That aside, you have to appreciate the message of peace, good will, and nuclear disarmament the video projects.