Friday, May 16, 2014

3 Muslims found guilty of machine murder in Scotland

(Edinburgh) 3 weeks after appearing in court on drug charges, 25-year-old Mohammed Abdi was gunned down by 3 idiots using a sub machine gun and a pistol. Today in court, 30-year-old Mohamud Mohamud, 23-year-old Cadil Huseen, and 26-year-old Hussein Ali were found guilty of murder.

Hussein Ali and Mohamud Mohamud 
On the night of the killing, witnesses spoke of hearing cars chasing each other, a car crashing into the fence of a nearby tennis court and then the sound of gunfire. One man described it as a "rat-a-tat" sound and the noise was heard in the background of one of the many 999 calls made to the police. Another witness, taxi driver Mohammed Irfan, 34, from Edinburgh, said: "I never thought it would be happening here. It was like something you hear in the movies - I couldn't believe it would be shots. I heard three loud bangs, which I found out the next day were shots."

Mohammed Abdi 
Police say the murder followed a dispute between rival factions of a London-based organised crime group operating in Scotland. The three men and their victim, who at the time of his death was facing a drugs charge, had been friendly, but there was a falling-out over the tenancy of a flat that was lost, for which Hussein was blamed.

It appears the old adage of if you can't take Mohammed to the mountain, you bring the mountain to Mohammed rings true. However, in this case, replace Mohammed with drug running killers to Scotland.