Thursday, May 22, 2014

Axis of Evil vetoes sending Syria to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

(UN) Yesterday I wrote about how 2 despotic countries with imperialistic ambitions (Russia and China) had joined themselves at the hip so as to support each other's Empire Building.

Well, today they showed their true mettle in vetoing a UN Security Council resolution that would have referred the conflict in Syria to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

More than 60 countries supported the French-drafted text calling for an investigation into alleged war crimes being committed by both sides. However, Russia called it a "publicity stunt" that would hurt efforts to find a political solution to the crisis and China, as usual, has remained silent.

It is the fourth time Russia and China have blocked resolutions relating to the situation in Syria where an estimated 160,000 people have been killed and 9.5 million others driven from the homes since 2011.

Meanwhile, while Russia is defending the butcher of Damascus, it is very very very upset over how Prince Charles, heir the British throne, referred to Russia as... Nazi in how it annexed Crimea.