Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Saudi employer teaches servant a lesson for not serving coffee fast enough

(Riyadh) A Saudi woman became very angry when the coffee she ordered didn't arrive fast enough, so she decided to teach her Filipino maid a lesson. She pored a kettle of boiling water all over her. Yup, that will teach the servants that when Allah says now, he means yesterday. The 23-year-old household service worker from the Philippines suffered burns to her back and legs after being doused with the boiling liquid.

After being refused medical treatment for several hours, she was allowed to visit the local hospital, and when there, she was able to contact relatives in the area by giving a phone number to one of the nurses. She has now been taken under the care of the Philippine Embassy where they are providing her with medical treatment and other necessities.

According to a study by the Committee on Filipinos Overseas, 70 per cent of Filipino domestic workers in Saudi Arabia have reported physical and psychological abuse. Tales of mistreatment are common - and not just among Filipinos. Last year a young maid from Sri Lanka was beheaded in the country after being accused of killing her employer's four-month-old baby.