Thursday, May 22, 2014

Car bomb attack in China kills 31

(Urumqi)  The Xinjiang region of China is unique, in that it has a sizeable Islamic population who are not Chinese, but rather of Turkish decent. Unfortunately they don't appear to get on with the Chinese government and after years of what they claim to be heavy handed treatment, they have decided to take the good fight back to the mandarins in power, usually by attacking Han Chinese people minding their own business.

Which is why, there have been numerous attacks on people in the region, of late these have consisted of knife attacks at Railways stations

  • October 2013: Car ploughs into pedestrians in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, killing five - the three people in the car were Uighurs.
  •  March 2014: Knife attack at Kunming station, southern China - 29 people killed in an attack blamed on Uighur extremists.
  •  April 2014: Bomb and knife attack at Urumqi station kills three, just after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the region
Well in a further continuation of the above 2 SUV type vehicles were crashed into a market in the town of Urumqi, with one of the vehicles reportedly exploding on hiting a fruit stall. The current death toll is 31, with around 91 people injured.