Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jihadist who went to Syria to die is found guilty of terrorism on his return to England

(London) Last October, 31-year-old father of two Mashudur Choudhury with 5 others from Portsmouth, England travelled in which to fight the good fight and die like a true Muslim in Syria. While others did, he didn't, and when he returned, he found to his shock and horror that he had been shopped by the local Islamic community to the police and, unlike most British policemen, they actually did their job and charged him.

Well, this past week he's had his day in court in which to explain himself, and that he did. He explained that he wanted to emigrate to avoid problems at home and that the reason he had his three-week trip to war-torn Syria was to find out whether it was possible to move his family there... Really? This wasn't a view echoed by his wife who replied to his message of Islamic honour:
"Go die in battlefield. Go die, I really mean it, just go. I'll be relieved. At last. At last."
Well, at Kingston court, the jury didn't believe his claim that he simply wanted to relocate there for business purposes, and today they found him guilty of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts.

My only regret is, the same government mindset which saw this wannabe terrorist found guilty didn't exist when all those poor innocent Muslims who travelled to Afghanistan before 2001 and who were captured by the US Army won a £1 million pay out each for hurt feelings.